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Participants Speak

Participants Speak


1.  Managerial Insights from Panchatantra Stories
Program Date: 27 April 2019

It’s about bringing back our own tradition and values. It’s about going back to basics and change the way looking at the self-development.

Ashutosh Morvekar

Gati KWE Pvt. Ltd.

Blended approach of the stories and a concept like conflict resolution was good.

Monica Alex

Landmark Group

The stories not just give morale but it can be driven as a managerial concept. May be this can be used as a good role for all the new generation managers in addition to experienced.

Ravichandran M.S.


Very informative and realistic. The comparison and applying the morals of the stories in day to day management will surely help organizations to improve management.


Karnataka Bank

Lucidly explained the inferences from stories. Appreciate the clustering of stories for a given theme. This helped in connecting the concept and retaining it well. Examples from everyday’s life drawing analogy to the Panchatantra story and the concept introduced is done very well. This methodology can be used as a blended way for reflection, strategy etc.”

Nidhi Sood

Landmark Group

Excellent way of compiling stories with administrative skills. Drawing a thin line of personal, DNA with social environment, do not aspire for something we don’t deserve, find a root cause of problems, hit where it hurts most are my takeaways.”

Anuradha Nagaraj

GMR Group

2.   Logistics Management Program
Program Date: 27 to 28 September 2019

Topics were good in terms of understanding the application of logistics analytics in society and industry. I just found this as basics of logistics management, so my concepts got revised and strong.

Yogesh Raghuwanshi


Session was engaging, insights on logistics industry was helpful.

Tejasvi R. Simha

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

3.   Faculty Development Program
Program Date: 19 November 2019

The session gave us the glimpse of teaching from the student point of view. The learning's were derived from the movies.

Krishnareddy Rajashekar

Manipal Global Education Services

It was an interesting session as the trainer along with relevant examples also provided many references which are quite useful for our future training preparations .

Sunny K. J.

Manipal Global Education Services

Good examples. Stressed upon the relevancy factor. The methodology to be used in different situations was nicely brought out.

V. J. Raghunandan

Manipal Global Education Services

4.   Managerial Insights from Panchatantra Stories
Program Date: 14 December 2019

Approach taken is nice and its application back to daily activities is an eye opener.

Sudheendra Narayan

Manipal Global Education Services

Got lots of insight from the program that can be applied in both professional and personal front.

A. R. Jayaprakash Patil

Manipal Global Education Services

5.   Supply Chain Management
Program Date: 16 to 18 December 2019

How effective is SCM in improving the efficiency, cost reduction, importance of human decision.

John George

Power Grid

I have learnt to appreciate the fact how important is the role of an efficient Supply Chain in providing the right product to the customers on time. The value addition it does to the product till it reaches to the customers. I also learnt the role of big data and cloud computing in the area of SCM.

Adeep Kumar


1) Clear understanding of Value Chain, Supply Chain and Logistics.
2) Importance of Supply Chain in making an organisation competitive.
3) The concept of core competency and why it is very important for organisations.

L. Madhu Babu


6.   Webinar on Strategies related to Turnaround Management: Special emphasis on MSME units
Program Date: 20 June 2020

Very well organised webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed and good learning experience.


Uniq Power Solutions

Relevant and well delivered.

Hema Malini

Incite Cam

7. Integrated Program in Management: Batch 2020

We have highly experienced faculty members, who are accomplished in their respective fields backed with corporate exposure. They encourage us to debate the needs of modern-day society

Ved Prakash Kondaboiena

First Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

I was interested in business studies and IPM seemed like a perfect fit for me due to its course structure. The programme had a great concept and was being offered by MAHE Manipal, one of the most reputed universities

Abhay Chandra

First Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

The IPM Programme is designed in a way which ensures that students realize their potential and acquire skills which are in demand in the industry.

Sankara Sai Ram Advaith

First Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

I chose IPM because of its innovative course structure, which combines personality development with subject matter expertise in the field of management. .

Rithvik Chandrasekhar

First Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

The course is the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It is tailor-made for future business professionals. Starting from sustainability to creative and critical thinking, everything in the course is there for a reason.

Abhipsa Routray

First Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)