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About IPM

About the Program


  • An effective manager should visualize the change in the context in which he is operating and bring about the change. IPM prepares participants to appreciate and play this role.
  • IPM provides appropriately trained manpower who would explore effective management in sectors other than business. Needless to emphasize, India needs talented managers in several (social, voluntary, non‐commercial) sectors other than the business sector.
  • In order to train such managers who can bring about change, the design and delivery of a holistic management curriculum is a pre‐requisite. The Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) is precisely aimed at such an opportunity.
  • The holistic curriculum with a motivation to prepare managers who can conceive and supervise change would provide an opportunity for the participants to realize their leadership potential.


Salient features

  • Management education in the setting of social sciences
  • Emphasis on skills, knowledge, personality development, and physical fitness
  • Multiple opportunities for field visits and learning by observation
  • Exposure to at least one Indian language other than mother tongue and one foreign language
  • Exposure to basic sciences and life sciences
  • Education and professional career is set in the context of the society
  • Focus on leadership and change management
  • In-depth study of subjects like Marketing, Finance, HRM , Operations and strategy
  • Unique academic experience with top-class faculty
  • Interaction opportunity with industry professionals through seminars and study tours
  • Focus on job-oriented skills through live projects
  • Excellent internship and placement opportunities


Duration and courses

  • The minimum duration for completion of IPM is five years and comprises of fifteen trimesters.
  • Each trimester is for a duration of 13 weeks (including examinations).
  • In each trimester there would be 6 courses amounting to 90 courses.


Program (Tuition) fee

For Indian students, the fee for the first 3 years is Rs. 3 lakhs and for 4th & 5th year is Rs. 4.5 lakhs, totalling to Rs. 18 lakhs.
For International students, the fee for the first 3 years is USD 6400 and for 4th & 5th year is USD 9500, totalling to USD 38,200.


Course Duration
(in years)

Fee & Caution Deposit (in Rs.)

Instalment Fee

Caution Deposit (Refundable)

Instalment (Total)

II Instalment

III Instalment

IV Instalment

V Instalment

Batch Total Fee

Integrated Program in Management










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Exit Option

There is an exit option for the student at the end of the completion of the third year of the Five Year Integrated Programme in Management. The student has to pass all the papers of three years (148 credits with a minimum of 6.5 CGPA) to qualify for promotion to the fourth year. If the student does not qualify on the academic performance for the first three years, he will be asked to leave the program. A student who has completed fourth year of the program can leave the program after paying the fee for the fifth year, if he has a valid reason to pursue higher education or seek a job in a global location. Alternatively in the fifth year, a student can explore the option of spending up to one year under the twinning program with other Universities as per the existing norms.


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